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10 Must-Read Books to Launch Your Small Business Idea

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There are some specific books that must be consulted in order to launch one’s small business idea. Small business ideas should be launched in a planned way and in a proper manner. For becoming capable of doing so, one has to become knowledgeable about what small business is. Reading some specific books on the concerned topic would give a person an idea about how to launch a small business. The second book that should be consulted is the book named “Clarity For Solos” by Adam Dudley. The book is written to help entrepreneurs cope with difficulties that are often faced with during the course of establishing small businesses. In the book readers will find tips that would help entrepreneurs in reviving their dedication to their business and the readers will also find strategies for enhancing productivity. Readers will also find in the book tips for refining businesses to develop a better work-life balance. The third book, Tim Ferriss’ “Tools of Titans” should be recommended keeping in mind the fact that performance plays the key role in any business irrespective of its size and nature. The fifth book that must be consulted prior to launching the small business idea is “Idea Craft” by Sarah Korhnak. The book helps in solidifying and narrowing one’s potential business dreams into something that matches one’s personality.

The sixth book to be consulted is “The Entrepreneur’s Garden” by Divya Parekh. This book should be recommended because reading the book; readers will understand the importance of maintaining relationships in the context of personal and professional life. The seventh book that should be suggested is Bob Burlingham’s “Small Giants.” This book should be consulted to understand the importance of refraining from getting obsessed with the “growth treadmill”. Excellence must be achieved and this maxim has been elaborated in Burlingham’s book. The eighth book that should be suggested is “Superconsumers” by Eddie Yoon. This book can make one learn how to target the dedicated customer segment to bring about business growth and to steadily earn the revenue. “In the Company of Women” is the ninth book to be recommended. This book has the potential to introduce the readers to the world of female entrepreneurship in the creative economy. The final book that must be recommended is “Lead The Ship” by Edward and Rebecca Plant. The book must be read to understand the importance of teamwork and teams within an organization.